Musical Delicacies

— Early Music Concert Series —

About us

Hudební lahůdky, z. s.
  • legal form: incorporated association
  • identification number (IČO): 22719458
  • eGovernment data box: qh4w23y
  • tax number: CZ22719458
  • does not withhold VAT (exempt)
  • registration with the Ministry of the Interior, ref. VS/1–1/85659/11–R dated 6.9.2011
  • trade register entry from 1.1.2014 with the Regional Court in Brno, ref. L 15941
  • accreditation for further education of teachers (DVPP), ref. 11443/2015–1
  • chairman: Jan Čižmář
  • statutes of the association (in Czech)
  • logo as PDF document: cs, de, en
Address for surface mail:
Hudební lahůdky, z. s.
Kociánka 69/25b
CZ–612 00 Brno-Sadová
Czech Republic
Bank details: (account in CZK)
Fio banka, a. s., Prague, Czech Republic
Account number: 2000181883/2010
IBAN: CZ6020100000002000181883
Bank details: (account in EUR)
IBAN: CZ2220100000002600181887

Our goal is to increase the public awareness of the history of music through concerts, workshops and children’s programmes, mostly focused on early music and historical performance practice.

We are a group of people who have joined forces to enrich the cultural offerings in Brno, especially in the field of early music. Amongst us are professional musicians devoted to early music, as well as music teachers and music lovers, partly practising (amateurs in the best sense of the word), partly active and engaged listeners who want to help creating superb music experiences. Brno is our main, but not the only focus of our activities.

The concert series Hudební lahůdky (Musical Delicacies) started in September 2010 as a private initiative of Jan Čižmář. The initial implementation was in cooperation with BKC, Brno Cultural Centre, which helped setting up a website, printing materials, providing concert venues and sharing their organizational expertise. For this help we thank our former collaborators at BKC at its successor organisation TIC.

In 2012 the concert series moved to the newly incorporated civic association Hudební lahůdky, o. s. (now z. s.), which since has been expanding its activities. Our public offerings include:


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